• Bojam Launches Web-Based Collaborative Sound Studio

    One of last year’s TechCrunch50 startups, Bojam, is launching in public beta today and we have 500 invites. Bojam is a Web-based sound studio that lets musicians practice playing music, find other musicians around the world to jam with, and lay down tracks together on the same song. Click here to try out the service. Bojam is a fully functional music mixer. You can adjust the volume on… Read More

  • Indaba Music Improves Collaboration Through Revamped Digital Music Workstation

    Music collaboration service Indaba Music has launched a new version of its Session Console, which is a digital audio workstation that lets musicians record, mix and edit music together from different locations. Indaba is a music community for musicians looking to share and collaborate with other musicians around the globe. The site offers artists a suite of online tools to help record and… Read More

  • Indaba: A Music Collaboration Hub That Can Build Your Band For You

    Music collaboration service Indaba has just introduced a number of new features to its site, including a new Facebook-like chat system, enhanced commenting, and a recommendation engine that helps compatible artists find each other, effectively enabling it to automatically pick out potential bandmates. The site has passed under our radar since launching in 2007, but has grown to over… Read More