Before I got involved in this wacky world of tech writing, I was a big fan of iLounge’s holiday buying guide. (I think they were still called iPodlounge back then.)…


iPod Bible 3.0

3:04 pm PDT • June 1, 2007

Did you recently purchase an iPod? Not to sure what iTunes is all about? I’ll admit that I suck when it comes to using iTunes. It’s OK because not everyone…


iLounge's 2007 iPod Buyers Guide

10:34 am PST • November 1, 2006

iLounge just released their 2007 iPod Buyers Guide, a 180 page monster all about iPods, iPod accessories, iPod cleaning kids, iPod cases, iPod food, iPod grooming tips, iPod sexual aids,…


All iPod Games Reviewed, Graded

7:45 am PDT • October 16, 2006

a couple of weeks ago, and introduced movies to iTunes, it also gave the world cellphone-style games to play on the music machines. A distraction at best, the games are…