• HP CEO Hurd To Get $40 Million Severance, Accuser Bought Off – UPDATE

    Must be nice to sit on the C-Level. Reuters discovered that although there was no “sexual activity” reported in the sexual harassment case that forced Mark Hurd to step down, there were a number of expensed dinners which either suggest a prolonged wooing or maybe some expensive dinners. Read More

  • HP CEO, Mark Hurd, Resigns

    HP CEO Mark Hurd has resigned, leaving CFO Cathie Lesjak to run the company on an “interim basis.” The reason for quitting? He was told to leave by legal counsel due to an investiagtion of sexual harassment against him by an outside contractor. According to the press release, “the investigation determined there was no violation of HP’s sexual harassment policy, but did… Read More

  • Time-killing list: Top 25 tech flops

    [photopress:topflopsss.jpg,full,right] It’s a federal holiday today so you can look forward to a whole lot of soft news: predictions, explanations, funny videos that serve no real purpose and, my favorite, lists. And golly gee, here’s a list of the top 25 tech flops, as compiled by InfoWorld. Highlights—or should I say lowlightslol—include virtual reality, Gnu Hurd… Read More