HP Mini 1000

  • Review: HP Mini 1000 Mi edition

    If you’re ready to jump head first into the pool of netbooks then consider HP’s Mini 1000 line. They’re comparably priced and spec’d out to compete with the rest of the lot, but if you’re still a little uneasy about the whole thing then read on for a list of pros and cons for the machine I’ve been lusting over since last year. Read More

  • There's now a six-cell battery for the HP Mini 1000

    Attention, HP Mini 1000 owners. It looks like HP has a six-cell battery for the netbook available from its parts Web site. The battery (part number 517581-001) is actually for the Mini 1000 CTO, but should with every shapes and size of the Mini 1000. Read More

  • Fact: There is no HP Mini 1100 series

    I’ve been exchanging e-mails with HP for the better part of the day and we have the final word on the supposed Mini 1100 series with an ExpressCard slot. It doesn’t exist and it was mistake made by the Web team. This is straight from horse’s mouth, people. Read More

  • Quit freaking out over HP's Mini 1100 series

    So the blogosphere is a buzz because someone found a BRAND NEW Mini series from HP. The fact of the matter is that it’s not an entirely new series. It’s still based on the Mini 1000 series but it now has an ExpressCard slot, which I don’t think is that big of a deal. Everything else is the same based on spec sheets. Read More

  • HP not shipping high-res display 2140s? [Update]

    Everyone at CG knows how enamored I am with the HP Mini line and everyone at HP knows that I want a 2140 rigged with the Mi OS. Unfortunately, the 2140 is not offered with Mi, which makes me sad. I spoke to Doug about this over CES and wondered what would happen if I just swapped hard drives from an Mi to a 2140. We both concluded that the Mi and 2140 are virtually the same machines with the… Read More

  • HP drops the price of the Mini 1000 to $359

    My favorite netbook of 2008 is now a few bucks cheaper. HP cut the price of the Mini 1000 to $359 over the weekend. It’s certainly not the cheapest netbook on the block, but let’s wait and see what HP does with their MIE version. It was, after all, $20 cheaper than the XP version when it was first announced. There’s also a bump to 1GB of RAM on the XP Mini 1000 on top of… Read More