Hitachi Announces Hybrid Optical Drive With SSD

Hitachi announced a new optical drive, a Hybrid SATA III which combines the optical technology with SSD. Details are non-existent, but combining an optical drive and with an SSD drive and you’re

LG Sues Hitachi

I really wanted to use the title “Big Trouble In Little China” but this showdown is taking place in both South Korea and the US. LG has filed suit in Texas against television-manufacturer

Hitatchi Now Shipping 1TB Hard Drive

Need lots of storage on the cheap for all your porn and pirated movies data? Be sure to inspect Hitatchi’s new Deskstar 7K1000 hard drive. Boasting an incredible 1000GB of storage, put two of th

The Futurist: What We Will See At CES

In just a few short clock rotations, the entire tech industry (short of myself — I’m taking a much-needed vacation) will be rolling into Vegas for CES, and CrunchGear’s crack team wi