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Yamaha Japan announces new digital sound projector for home theater systems

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/yps_5100-620x353.png" /> Yamaha Japan today announced the <a href="http://www.yamaha.co.jp/product/av/topics/ysp-5100/">YSP-5100</a> [JP

Reference 200: TEAC rolls out ultra-compact all-in-one audio system in Japan

TEAC Japan today announced the CR-H228i [JP], a new compact audio system (215x359x110 mm), which will go on sale in Nippon on November 21 (price: $500). The system comes with two 30W speakers, is comp

Tivoli Table Stereo for Audiophiles

This desktop sound system from Tivoli Audio is billed as the audiophile’s table stereo. Encased within that hand-lacquered box are two high-quality 3-inch full range speakers with rear ports , a

TubePod – The Truly High Fidelity iPod Dock

There are about a gazillion (actual figure) iPod docks out there, and today we bring you one more. This one claims to be different, though. All of those $200-$500 ones can get to stepping, because Son

Ultrasone's $1,500 Edition 9 Headphones

As a complete headphone junky, Ultrasone’s Edition 7 limited edition headphones were sort of the Holy Grail of headphones to me. I only saw them in person once and never got to hear them. Just 9