Hi Fi

  • Yamaha Japan announces new digital sound projector for home theater systems

    Yamaha Japan today announced the YSP-5100 [JP], a digital sound projector for your home theater. Sized at 1,200×90×212mm and weighing 11kg, Yamaha says the device is suitable for 50-inch TVs or video projectors. It supports 7.1 surround sound and is compatible with dts-HD, dts ES and Dolby TruHD/Digital Plus/Digital/ Digital EX/Pro Logic and Pro LogicⅡ/x. Read More

  • Reference 200: TEAC rolls out ultra-compact all-in-one audio system in Japan

    TEAC Japan today announced the CR-H228i [JP], a new compact audio system (215x359x110 mm), which will go on sale in Nippon on November 21 (price: $500). The system comes with two 30W speakers, is compatible with CD/CD-R/CD-RW and supports MP3 and WMA files. Next to an integrated AM/FM Radio tuner, it also features an iPod dock. For an extra $200, TEAC also plans to sell a 2-way speaker system… Read More

  • Tivoli Table Stereo for Audiophiles

    This desktop sound system from Tivoli Audio is billed as the audiophile’s table stereo. Encased within that hand-lacquered box are two high-quality 3-inch full range speakers with rear ports , a built-in 5-inch magnetically-shielded powered subwoofer and three separate amplifiers. A large LCD displays CD track info and Radio Data System info where available. It has a 1/4″… Read More

  • TubePod – The Truly High Fidelity iPod Dock

    There are about a gazillion (actual figure) iPod docks out there, and today we bring you one more. This one claims to be different, though. All of those $200-$500 ones can get to stepping, because Sonic Integrity has stepped up the game with their $1,000 TubePod. At this point, the mere fact that there’s not an “i” in front of the name makes it worth the money. But this one… Read More

  • Ultrasone's $1,500 Edition 9 Headphones

    As a complete headphone junky, Ultrasone’s Edition 7 limited edition headphones were sort of the Holy Grail of headphones to me. I only saw them in person once and never got to hear them. Just 999 sets were made and they sold for $3,000. Well, it’s time for the drool-fest to begin again as the German manufacturer launches the new Edition 9. The price on the black chrome… Read More