Analytics startup Heap raises $55M

Since co-founding Heap, CEO Matin Movassate has been saying that he wants to take on the analytics incumbents. Today, he’s got more money to fund that challenge, with the announcement that Heap

Heap raises $27M to ‘make data useful for everyone’

Heap, a startup that promises a uniquely comprehensive approach to analytics, has raised $27 million in Series B funding. Co-founder and CEO Matin Movassate told me Heap’s vision is to “ma

Analytics company Heap raises $11M

Heap announced today that it has raised $11 million in Series A funding. We’ve written about the company’s “capture everything” approach to analytics before — it aims to coll

Analytics Startup Heap Brings Its “Capture Everything” Approach To iOS Apps

<a target="_blank" href="https://heapanalytics.com">Heap</a>, a startup aiming to bring a more comprehensive and flexible approach to analytics, is moving into mobile. The <a href="https://techcrun

Heap Raises $2M For Their “Capture Everything” Analytics Tool

Heap, a company looking to battle the likes of Google and KissMetrics in the analytics space, has raised a seed round of $2M from some of the bigger names in the Valley. As <a href="https://techcru

YC-Backed Heap Takes On Google With Their “Modern Take On Analytics”

In a startup's never-ending battle for new users, data is king. When the decision to put that shiny signup button <em>down here</em> vs. <em>up there</em> can mean the difference between 40% of new vi