• Ignores Birthdates, Dramatically Underestimates Prices Ignores Birthdates, Dramatically Underestimates Prices’s newest feature is presenting consumers with disturbingly misleading health insurance prices. CBS uncovered how the beleaguered federal insurance marketplace website is underestimating the actual cost of insurance by 50% or more, because–and I’m not making this up–it forgets to ask users their birth date. CBS found (and TechCrunch confirmed) that… Read More

  • How Doomed Itself By Screwing Startups

    How Doomed Itself By Screwing Startups, a government-run e-commerce website for the Affordable Care Act, does not actually need to exist. The still-dysfunctional federal site could have offloaded all of the work to startups, which were already building more sophisticated price-comparison alternatives to the official site, just like Orbitz does for airline companies. was supposed to be an information… Read More

  • Behind How Washington Is Drawing Inspiration From Silicon Valley, Twitter

    “We were working 24/7, working in very, very rapid cycles, with very, very short deadlines and milestones. We were working in a very, very nimble hyper consumer focused way…all fused in this kind of maelstrom of pizza, Mountain Dew, and all nighters, and you know idealism.” That may sound like the caffeine-fueled, sleep-deprived rant of a typical Silicon Valley entrepreneur. Read More