• Do do doot dodo doot! The NES Harmonica!

    I don’t know if this is a waste of a good harmonica or a waste of a good NES cartridge but what you see before you is a harmonica hidden inside an honest-to-goodness NES game. The best part? They cost less than the $80 copy of Adventures of Link that the rental place around the corner from my house was selling back in 1988: $34. Read More

  • Stupid invention: the self-playing harmonica

    The aptly named Stupid Inventions brings us a fun little diversion: the self-playing harmonica. Using nothing more than an inkjet printer, a vacvuum cleaner, and a harmonica, you can create a modern day Nickelodeon! Except, of course, it’s a harmonica, and not a piano. But still! Click on through to watch a video of this musical marvel in action. Read More