Hands Free

Google ends its Hands Free mobile payment pilot after less than a year, but promises more to come

That’s kind of the thing about pilot programs – they don’t always result in a successful launch. Less than a year after beginning testing at select locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, Googl

Mobile Home Is An Easy Way To Turn Siri Into Your Very Own Personal KITT From Knight Rider

My recently-purchased car has Bluetooth built-in to let me use my phone hands-free from the steering wheel, as do most cars coming off the line new these days. The one issue is that there's no way to

Dawn Of The Mac Button? Siri Comes To BMW, GM, Land Rover, Audi, Toyota, Honda & More

Siri is getting a whole mess of new updates, and she looks to be a whole lot smarter than she used to be. Beyond her ability to open apps and arrival on the iPad, soon Siri will also be your co-pilot

Hands-free "book stand" for iPad usage

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/ipad_stand.jpg" /> Are you an iPad user? Do you like using it in bed? Do you think the device is too heavy to hold in your hands when re

Bluetooth visor gizmo does calls, outputs to car stereo

This is an interesting device and, as fate may have it, a device I’ve been waiting on for quite some time now. It’s basically a Bluetooth speakerphone that clips to your visor and outputs

Sony-Ericsson HCB-105 hands-free Bluetooth device: it works

It’s a Bluetooth hands-free speakerphone. It’s from Sony-Ericsson. It’s the HCB-105. It does exactly what it should. It clips onto the sun visor in your car. It lasts about 25 hours

Ding Dong Ding Dong Ding, Bananaphone

Mad4MobilePhones has a cute little article on some unique vintage cellphone kits that include a rotary phone, a banana, and a Zack Morris phone. Take the Bananaphone (pictured above) for instance. Thi

Polycom Hands-Free Speakerphone for Skype

It’s no secret that we like Skype—mostly because it’s simple. That’s why we’re taking a shine to this Communicator by Polycom. It’s a hands-free conferencing device