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An insider’s take on the future of coding bootcamps

After five years as an education entrepreneur I’ve learned, perhaps to the chagrin of my gold-seeking peers, that success will come only from those who remain harder working than the competition, mo

Hackbright Academy Names Sharon Wienbar As CEO

Hackbright Academy, the 12-week computer science program that trains women to become software engineers, has a new chief executive officer. Effective today, ScaleVP partner Sharon Wienbar is taking ov

Handcuffs For Hacker Schools? Why A “Code Of Conduct” For Coding Bootcamps Could Actually Be Good For The Ecosystem

The explosion in both online and offline programming platforms over the last year has made one thing clear: Learning to code is hot. (With two “t’s.”) Well, that and the fact that ou

Hackbright Academy Turns Women Into Pro Developers In 10 Weeks, And It’s Accepting Applications For 2013

Amidst all the argument about "brogrammer" culture and the presence of women in Silicon Valley, here's a company that's actively working to change things, albeit on a small scale (for now) — <a targ