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  • Top 5 Web April Fool's jokes so far today

    Today, as you have probably noticed, is April Fool’s Day. It’s a grand holiday that celebrates nothing but the cruel ability of humans to trick other humans and to take pleasure in the deception. I love it. Since the advent of the popular Internet there have been many, many April Fool’s jokes in Web format. Today is no exception. Here are five of the best ones today. Read More

  • CinematicTitanic = MST3K++

    Joel Hodgson and the rest of the MST3K crew are back and it looks like they’re better than ever. They’ve started a new movie-make-funning-of troupe called CinematicTitanic and they’re selling DVDs — and will soon sell downloads — of their episodes for about $15. I just picked up the first DVD, the The Oozing Brain and I look forward to laughing until I wet… Read More