• MySpace Launches New Set Of Realtime APIs With Google, OneRiot And Groovy

    MySpace is today launching a brand new suite of APIs that will allow third-party developers to tap oodles of data that gets published on the social network, in real-time, on the fly. MySpace COO Mike Jones debuted the new set of APIs on stage at the Le Web conference this morning, showcasing some initial services from launch partners. The most important one to debut today is the Real-Time… Read More

  • Groovy's SQL Switch: A Powerful Tool In The Quest For A Truly Real-Time Web

    The real-time web is shaping up to be the next online revolution, and as we saw during our RealTime CrunchUp earlier this month, it’s already begun. But there are still some things that are holding us back — for one, many services still aren’t actually real time, they’re just something close to it. That may work well enough for sites like Facebook, but as we begin to… Read More