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  • How Technology Is Fueling The Push Toward Solar Crunch Network

    How Technology Is Fueling The Push Toward Solar

    Solar energy in the United States has seen immense momentum throughout the years. When the Solar Energy Industries Association released its annual report in 2008, it concluded that U.S. solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity reached a total of 1.183 gigawatts — a stellar achievement at the time. Contrast that figure with today, and the number is dwarfed by the United States’… Read More

  • iRemoTap: Power Strip with Built-In Wi-Fi (Video)

    Japan-based Ubiquitous has developed [JP] a power strip with a built-in Wi-Fi module. Dubbed iRemoTap, the strip allows you to do two things: you can track which of the connected devices consumes how much energy on a PC or cell phone in real-time, and you can turn on or off each of these devices remotely. Read More

  • GE introduces their own home energy management system

    While home energy management options have been around for a while, this is the first time someone like GE has come out with a product to help you manage your home energy usage. Read More

  • New LED lightbulb will last 17 years

    CFL bulbs are great, but the mercury they use can be harmful. LEDs don’t use mercury, but the technology is still pretty rough, and it’s tough to get something that resembles a normal lightbulb from them. There’s been a couple of examples of how LED light can be used as a replacement for normal lighting, but nothing that’s really practical. Read More

  • "Green Tap": NEC develops energy-saving power strip

    NEC subsidiary NEC System Technologies has developed a power strip [JP] with a built-in processor, sensor (the device pictured on the right) and remote control that can cut power consumption by as much as 15% and more. The company says the so-called Green Tap, which sports four outlets, can be used by both offices and private homes. Read More

  • Honda presents new ecological drive assist system

    Honda has developed an ecological drive assist system [JP], which will be used in a new Insight hybrid model that is scheduled for release next spring in Japan. The system is based on three different functions: Read More

  • Q and A on the subject of clean tech legislation

    Here’s a panel I attended at the recent Pacific Crest Technology Leadership Forum in Vail, Colorado. There were two experts on the panel: Steven Kalland, Director of the North Carolina Solar Center and Gregg Rothschild, Chief Counsel and Deputy Chief of Staff of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. I found this presentation to be very interesting and informative – kind of a… Read More