• Review: Belkin GoStudio

    As a dilettante musician I enjoy the concept – if not the process – of recording my reedy, whiny voice to digital files. Until recently, that process was fraught with trouble and high quality recording equipment was difficult to obtain and expensive. Now anyone with a six-string and a dream can record fairly acceptable audio with something like the Belkin GoStudio. Read More

  • Belkin GoStudio official

    The GoStudio, originally called the Podcast Studio, is now official. It has dual XLR/1/4″ inputs, two omnidirectional stereo mics, and a tripod mount. You can record directly to an iPod or connect it to your computer to create an extra sound card. We tested this thing’s older brother, the TuneStudio and came away quite impressed. If this bugger is anything like the TuneStudio… Read More