• Google Answers to Rise From Dead?

    Yahoo Answers is the undisputed leader in the Q&A space, vanquishing Google Answers to the DeadPool late in 2006. But now, a number of researchers who previously worked on Google Answers have started their own new service: Uclue. The team has also posted on the TechCrunch Forums looking for people to help out with the project. Like Google Answers, people asking questions are charged. The… Read More

  • BitWine Gives Access To Those In The Know

    A company called BitWine launched an interactive search site about three weeks ago. It is much like Ether in that it is a call-an-expert service, except BitWine is integrated with Skype. In fact BitWine will be a Skype plugin when Skype 3.0 launches, which will likely be in early 2007. With BitWine, users deem themselves experts in specific categories and establish their per-minute… Read More