• Youth-Oriented Media Company GoFish Raises $22.5 Million

    GoFish, a digital media company that focuses on content geared towards children, teenagers, and their parents, has raised a $22.5 million funding round led by Panorama Capital, Rustic Canyon Partners, and Rembrandt Venture Partners. As part of the deal, Michael Jung, Mark Menell, and Richard Ling (from Panorama, Rustic Canyon, and Rembrandt respectively) will join the company’s board… Read More

  • Viacom Spreads Its Video Love to Everyone But YouTube

    In another move to strengthen the anti-YouTube coalition, Viacom is syndicating its videos (from Comedy Central, MTV Networks, Nickelodeon, and Atom Films, among other properties) to a whole new slew of video-sharing Websites. The new recipients of Viacom’s video love are Dailymotion, Veoh (which already has Hulu and CBS videos), imeem, GoFish, and MeeVee. They join AOL, Bebo, Joost… Read More

  • GoFish Dropping Bolt, Share Price, and Ad Rates

    Amidst a falling share price GoFish has dropped its $30 million stock trade for Bolt.com. The deal was also meant to help Bolt pay its settlement with several music labels, including Universal Music. GoFish had initially celebrated the acquisition in their April 10KSB report as increasing distribution for their “made for internet” (MFI) video shows. The combined sites were expected… Read More

  • Forget YouTube: Go To These Sites If You Want Hard Core Copyright Infringing Content

    YouTube is clearly the most popular video sharing site on the web. But limits on video length, DMCA takedown notices and billion dollar lawsuits have damaged YouTube’s ability to facilitate serious copyright infringement. The smaller guys are now stepping in to fill the void. Full length copies of well known TV shows and/or movies are readily available on a number of YouTube competitors. Read More

  • Bolt Sells to GoFish to Pay Universal Music Settlement

    Video sharing site Bolt.com is being acquired by GoFish – a smaller but richer rival, in order to pay the settlement the company has agreed to with Universal Music Group for copyright infringement. The New York Times broke the story tonight. Bolt will go for an estimated $30 million in GoFish stock (update: forms filed Monday indicate that the acquisition was for about half this amount)… Read More