get a mac

  • More versions of the "Get a Mac" campaign than you require

    Poor ol’ John Hodgman. He’s always been beleaguered and sad-looking – from his first appearance in the Get a Mac ads back in ought-six to his most recent in October 2009. He always looks like he needs a hug, a nice pair of comfortable jeans, and a low-fat, no sugar coffee drink. Read More

  • Four new Apple commercials, PC fanboys ready flame comments

    Microsoft is right in the middle of its Laptop Hunter campaign, but Apple’s got something for Gates & Co. with four more Mac vs PC ad spots. You know the subject too, PCs crash, have tons of legalese, and get viruses. The only ad that’s actually positive and points out novel Mac features is the one about iPhoto and its new Faces features. Watch all four after the jump. Read More

  • One more new Apple Get a Mac ad: Bake Sale

    Apple wasn’t done the other day when it released two new Get a Mac TV spots. Suprise, suprise; this new one stabs at Vista too. Got to say Apple, it’s kind of getting old. We get it, Vista isn’t all that great. Time to move on. Read More

  • Latest Get A Mac ads

      PCs and Macs are always poking and stabbing at each other; Genius Bar this, everyone uses Windows that.  Can’t we all get along? Everyone knows which one is superior.  Second video after the jump. Read More

  • Flash: The world is round, says new Vista ad campaign

    Vista is great, honest. Microsoft looks to be rolling out its “Vista isn’t so bad, see?” ad campaign, as this delightful little jpeg shows. You know how people used to think the world was flat, but then a bunch of explorers proved them wrong? Apparently Microsoft will try to demonstrate that Vista actually doesn’t stink on ice. Good luck with that. Somewhat less… Read More

  • Video: 'Get a Mac,' now referee-approved

    Here’s Apple’s latest “Get a Mac” ad, which comes only a few weeks after its Christmas-themed one. This one uses sports to parlay the fact that the Wall Street Journal called Leopard “better” and “faster” than Vista. I wonder if next week’s MacWorld will give unto us yet another one of these ads? Get a Mac [Apple via Mac Rumors Read More

  • Video: Santa Claus gets a Mac in latest Apple ad

    Just in time for the holidays, Apple has released a new ad that brings together the Mac dude, the PC square and Santa. The hilarious part here is that PC square tries to pull one over on us by changing the lyrics to “Santa Claus is Coming to Town,” making them all pro-PC. How silly! I do, however, like the animation style in that it reminds me of “The Nightmare Before… Read More

  • New "Get A Mac" Ad Leaked Spymac seems to have gotten its hands on a yet-to-be-published “Get a Mac” ad featuring none other than our friends Mac and PC. This time around, PC is getting a webcam peripheral added with some duct tape. Looks like PC wants to do a little “online chatting with his buddies”. Silly PC. Doesn’t he know all Macs obviously come… Read More