gesture interface

LG hints at gesture interface for smartphone flagship next month

LG has put out a gesture-heavy hint ahead of the annual unveiling of new smartphone hardware at the world’s biggest mobile confab, Mobile World Congress, which kicks off in a month’s time.

Umoove Launches iOS Game To Make The Case For A Face-Tracking Gesture Interface On Mobile

Umoove is a mobile-focused Israeli startup that plays in the eye- and face-tracking space. It's just today launched an (iOS) app that showcases its face-tracking technology -- to get developers and us

Yandex, Russia’s ‘Homegrown Google’, Looks At Gesture-Based Interfaces To Power Apps

Russian search giant Yandex has collaborated on developing an experimental gesture-based interface to explore how similar tech could be incorporated into future social apps and mobile products. As its

CamBoard Pico Demos What Kind Of Gesture Control Your Next Computer Could Have Built-In

CamBoard Pico is German firm pmdtec's next-generation gesture input reference device. We showed you before what it could potentially do to change the computer interface, and now there are a couple of