• There's Gelaskins for iPad now~!

    Forgot to mention this last night, so apologies in advance. Y’all know Gelaskins, right? The neat-looking, device-sized decals that you stick to your laptop, phone, or whatnot? They’re available for the iPad now. Rejoice! Read More

  • They have Gelaskins for netbooks, BlackBerry Bold now

    Kudos to Gelaskins, who have finally released their telltale gadget skins for netbooks and the BlackBerry Bold. (That pleases Doug and Peter, respectively.) It’s the same deal as the company’s laptop skins: exotic-looking art slapped across your device that not only looks fairly neat, but protects it from dirt and grime. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Gelaskins summer blowout!

    Just a quick heads up for those of you thinking of getting one of those Gelaskins doodads for your laptop or iPod or whatever. The company is having itself a summer sale, with 15 percent of any order until July 13. You’ll have to use the discount code SUMMERSKINS to claim your 15 percent. That is all. Gelaskins Read More

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    GelaSkins stickers: Inexpensive way to customize your laptop

    Like GalleryPlayer yesterday, this isn’t news per se, more of a “if you didn’t know about this…” Gelaskins. It’s like a vinyl sticker for your laptop or iPod or iPhone. The company licenses not-too-shabby artwork, then makes the sticker, which you place on your device of choice. That up there is the latest one, called Motherboard, while my personal… Read More