There's Gelaskins for iPad now~!

<img src="" />Forgot to mention this last night, so apologies in advance. Y'all know <a HREF="">Gela

They have Gelaskins for netbooks, BlackBerry Bold now

<img src="" />Kudos to Gelaskins, who have finally released their telltale gadget skins for netbooks and the BlackBerry Bold. (That

CrunchDeals: Gelaskins summer blowout!

Just a quick heads up for those of you thinking of getting one of those Gelaskins doodads for your laptop or iPod or whatever. The company is having itself a summer sale, with 15 percent of any order

GelaSkins stickers: Inexpensive way to customize your laptop

Like GalleryPlayer yesterday, this isn’t news per se, more of a “if you didn’t know about this…” Gelaskins. It’s like a vinyl sticker for your laptop or iPod or iPh