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Geek Weekend: Ann Arbor, Michigan

If you’re craving city life or a university setting, Ann Arbor, Michigan is the place to be. Ann Arbor is the seventh largest city in the state of Michigan, with a population of 114,386, of which mo

Geek Weekend: Minneapolis-Saint Paul, MN

Wikimedia We’ve been getting requests from various citizens to feature their respective cities in our new Geek Weekend feature here on CrunchGear, so when a request came in for the Twin Cities,

Geek Weekend: Roanoke, VA

Geek Weekend is a continuing travel series about geeky things to do in cities around the world. Want your city featured? Write us at The RNR region is frequently recognized as a g

Geek Weekend: Columbus, Ohio

<img src="" alt="Columbus, OH" title="Columbus, OH" /> <i><a HREF="">Geek Weekend</a> is a c

Geek Weekend: Philadelphia, PA

In this new series we’ll be offering you a list of cool things to do in cities across America and around the globe. This Geek Weekend we present Philadelphia, the city of geek love, where you ca