• Attn Sports Fans, Journalists, And Parents Of Young Athletes: GameChanger Is On Line Two

    GameChanger Media, a startup founded in January 2009, is helping usher amateur sports into the digital age by offering a scorekeeping and stat-tracking app for mobile phones and tablets. Coaches or parents can keep score of baseball and softball games (GameChanger will soon be adding basketball and more) and track up to 150 different stats. But, here’s what’s really interesting… Read More

  • Audio Bone 1.0 'phones rattle your bones

    Does the phrase ‘bone conduction’ freak anyone else out? Today, GameChanger (such a clever name) announced the Audio Bone 1.0 headphones. These bone conducting ‘phones are said to be more comfortable and a healthier alternative than traditional earbuds or in-ears. Makes a bit of sense since they won’t irritate the hell out of me after an hour of use. I don’t know… Read More