• G.ho.st's Web-Based Operating System To Shut Down March 15

    Ghost Inc., also known as G.ho.st, is shutting down its personal cloud-based services in two weeks, according to an email the company just sent out to users. Ghost cites “changes in the marketplace” as the reason behind the shutdown, but says that the startup will continue to license or sell its technology to larger companies. The service launched its beta last summer after years… Read More

  • Dispatch From the Web 2.0 Launch Pad

    Today’ Web 2.0 Summit ended with a Launch Pad session where six startups each got six minutes to pitch their companies to the crowd and a panel of venture capitalists. Here’s a thumbnail sketch of each with my initial impressions (For a more thorough take on these startups from a real venture capitalist, read Christine Herron’s post): CleverSet—Best of Show went to… Read More

  • France's Jooce Enters WebOS Space

    New Paris startup Jooce says they are targeting the “cybercafe generation” with their new Flash-based web operating system and sharing platform. Jooce is most like Goowy, another Flash based web OS/desktop. But Jooce is different enough to merit a closer look. They says 500 million people a day log on to the Internet from a cybercafe, and they are the target of the Jooce product. Read More