Inbox2 Debuts Public Beta Of Message Management Desktop Client For Windows

<img src="http://tctechcrunch.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/inbox2.jpg" class="shot2" />Leena Rao picked a great title when she wrote a post about fledgling <a href="http://www.inbox2.com/">Inbox2</a> l

Yahoo's MyBlogLog Adds An Activity Stream Feature

MyBlogLog, a blogger social network acquired by Yahoo about a year ago, launched v.2 of their service tonight, with a significant new feature. You can see the MyBlogLog widget in the right sidebar of

Y Europe's First Startup, Soup.io

What we’ve called Y Combinator’s European clone, Y Europe, has let loose with their first startup, Soup.io. Soup.io is very low friction take on life streaming that serves as an aggregator

Fuser: Manage All Your Email and Social Networking Messages in One Place

Another product that aims to simplify your digital lifestyle is launching today. Give Fuser access to your email and social networking accounts, and the website will organize all of the messages from