fpd international 2008

  • Sharp exhibits mini LCDs with 10 microwatt power consumption

    Sharp developed reflective mini LCD screens boasting a power consumption of 10μW. The devices were exhibited at FPD International 2008. Sharp showcased one 1.4-inch monochrome and one 8-color display with a resolution of 96×96 (pictured above). Power consumption is reduced by placing a 1-bit memory into each pixel (image data stored in the memory is retained permanently). The two… Read More

  • Samsung follows Sony in the development of curved OLED displays

    Sony’s razor-thin OLED display (thickness: 0.3mm) was one of the most spectacular products of the CEATEC 2008 exhibition that took place just outside of Tokyo last month. Now Samsung, after having the tech world impressed with its “flapping OLED display”, showcased a similar device during the FPD International 2008 in Tokyo. Samsung’s 15 million-color display boasts… Read More

  • Sharp unveils LCD panel with integrated memory function

    Sharp has developed LCD screens with a memory function that makes it possible to save the displayed content after the power supply is cut off. A number of prototypes (in 1.7-, 2.4-, 6.1- and 14.1-inch sizes) was showcased at the FPD International 2008 show in Tokyo, with just the two small versions being in color. Sharp sees its screens as a possible new alternative to e-paper, to be used… Read More

  • Samsung showcases 63-inch plasma display with 4,096 x 2,160 pixels

    Samsung is currently exhibiting a 63-inch plasma display with a resolution of 4,096×2,160 pixels, with each pixel measuring just 0.339×0.363mm. The device is being showcased at the FPD International 2008 show in Tokyo. Read More

  • "Flapping Display": Samsung develops ultra-thin OLED display, hangs it up in the air

    Sony unveiled a spectacular OLED display (curved, 0.3mm thin) at the CEATEC 2008 exhibition earlier this month, only to be followed by a product from Samsung, which the company calls “flapping display”. The Samsung display is just 0.05mm thin (yes, that’s millimeters) and currently being showcased at the FPD International 2008 in Tokyo. According to the company, the 4-inch… Read More