Fox Interactive Media

  • Snow Day, Employee Arrest At Fox/MySpace

    Los Angeles tech companies may not be able to stand up to their northern California neighbors when it comes to technology clout, but they sure do seem to have a more interesting and varied work life. While Silicon Valley based Facebook is busy getting users to vote on new terms of use (wake me up when it’s over), cross-state rival MySpace employees learn of an employee arrest over… Read More

  • Breaking: Former AOL Chief Jonathan Miller To Become News Corp.'s CEO Digital Media

    Jonathan Miller, the former CEO of AOL, is taking over the digital assets of News Corp., we’ve confirmed – his new title will be CEO of Digital Media. This will include Fox Interactive Media and other duties. Peter Levinsohn, the current president of Fox Interactive, will be leaving his current position but will remain at News Corp. This is more than a little ironic. Miller… Read More

  • The Digital Divisions Are Dead At Big Media

    Big Media’s love affair with the Internet ebbs and flows with the markets. When they see money pouring into Web startups, they feel threatened and rush to do the same. They ramp up their digital divisions, which usually are no more than venture arms, and hope to strike it rich. When the markets are down, as they are now, their attention drifts elsewhere—exactly at the time when… Read More

  • FIM Trims About 100 Jobs, Mostly At Photobucket And Corporate

    Fox Interactive Media is eliminating more than just free lunches. News Corp’s digital arm is trimming nearly 100 jobs across several business units, including Photobucket, MySpace, Scout Media, Rotten Tomatoes, and corporate. The total comes to a little under 5 percent of FIM’s domestic U.S. workforce, and about 3 percent of its global workforce of 2,900. We have added the amount… Read More