• Floppy disk gift tags for tagging your boxes of gift floppies

    I really love these things. Floppy disk labels were great. It was an amazing feeling to peel one off and place it on a fresh disk and then write “Leisure Suit Larry Disk 1” or whatever on it. These gift tags allow you to relive that joy whenever you give a gift to your loved ones. They’ll be thrilled to remember just how nerdy you are. $5.50 on Etsy. via TechNaBob Read More

  • How to make a small box out of six floppy disks

    Got six floppy disks? Need to carry a minute amount of crap around with you? Then check out this video, which details how to turn six 3.5-inch floppies into a little box, complete with carrying handle and latch. You’ll walk down the street holding your box and everyone will say "Look at you, Mister Man! That’s a fine looking box!" Something like that. Maybe not. Read More

  • Video: The Star Wars floppy disk

    What do you do with an old floppy drive and a disk? Why you make it into a musical instrument, forcing the motor or the drive to play the Imperial March from Star Wars. I’m not sure how this was done, but I love it very much. Read More

  • The Floppy is Dead, Part 523

    PC World, a British computer superstore, has stopped ordering floppies and will stop selling them when their on-hand supplies run out. While this is not news to us super nerds, it’s important to note that we once were able to drag files over back and forth between computers on little disks of spinning plastic that could hold 1.44 megabytes of data. Let’s all bow our heads for a… Read More