Femtech’s billion-dollar year

Cora, which sells organic tampons and pads, has raised $7.5 million. It's the latest in a long series of deals in the femtech space.

Instagram Just Solved A Major Pain, Now Translates Its @ Mentions To Correct Twitter Usernames In Tweets

There's nothing worse than mentioning someone on Instagram when their username is different from their Twitter name. If you tweet the image, then the username doesn't properly sync up. The team has fi

How to recover Boxee/XBMC after the Apple TV update

Apple TV update 2.3.1 came out last week – my Apple TV suddenly reset itself on Sunday and blew away my Boxee/XBMC installation – but fear not: it’s easy to fix. You just reinstall t

Apple issues MacBook glass trackpad patch

The CrunchGear staff has, over the years, grown weary of most Apple products being borked in their first iteration, so we’ve all refrained from purchasing a new MacBook and/or MacBook Pro as the

The saddest iPhone story in the world

Glenn Derene wrote a rant about the problem with modern technology – it is virtually irreparable when broken. The best Apple can do, apparently, is just send broken iPods back for recycling, so