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Final Fantasy XIII gets 39/40 rating from Famitsu magazine

<img src="" /> The <a href="">Famitsu</a> [JP], Japan's (and probably the world's) most important video gam

Tokyo Game Show: A look at the Square Enix, Xbox360 and Capcom booths

<img src="" /> I posted some pictures of Sony's and Ubisoft's booth at this year's Tokyo Game Show <a href="http://www.crunch

The Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII has only been in development for two months

<img src="" /><i>Final Fantasy XIII</i> is our white whale. We'll follow it and follow it until it drives us crazy. Today's news: the Xbox

You're going to be waiting a *long* time for Final Fantasy XIII, America

<img src="" />Hope you weren't looking forward to playing <i>Final Fantasy XIII</i> any time soon, Americans, for Square Enix said late

Rumor: Square Enix to charge for Final Fantaxy XIII demo

It’s been rumored that the Final Fantasy XIII demo might be 90 minutes and while it was confirmed in Japan that you could get the demo with the Blu-ray release of Advent Children: Complete in March,

Video: Final Fantasy 13 trailer for Xbox 360

We weren’t allowed to video this but I did anyway. Enjoy.