• Twitmatic Lets You Channel Surf Videos From Twitter

    Just because it is shared on Twitter doesn’t make it good. Nevertheless, ffwd, the video-surfing recommendation site that borrows from StumbleVideo, has launched Twitmatic, a video site that plays only videos being shared on Twitter. (The name TwitterTV was already taken). The concept is very simple. You are presented with videos in an embedded player which you can watch, or skip to… Read More

  • ffwd's Web Channel Surfing API Goes Live, Is Coming To Boxee

    Video recommendation engine ffwd has just released its completed API to developers, allowing them to incorporate some of the service’s core functionality into their sites. Using the API, developers will be able to make calls to ffwd for video content, and will also be able to incorporate ffwd user profiles and news feed items into their sites. In conjunction with the release, ffwd has… Read More

  • Three DEMO Companies To Keep An Eye On

    This week we’re going to see dozens of companies launch new products. Here are a few of the companies presenting this week at DEMO that are showing some strong potential: In most cases, choice is a good thing. But when it comes to online video, the abundance of content available on the web can be overwhelming. ffwd (pronounced fast-foward) deals with this by picking your videos… Read More

  • ffwd: Channel Surfing Comes To The Web… And Your Wii

    Channel surfing has a bad rap, at least according to iLike co-founder Patrick Koppula. Koppula says that this time honored tradition of staring at the television and repeatedly hitting a button is actually a highly efficient means of content selection. Today Koppula unveils his latest project, ffwd which is trying to take channel surfing to the web. ffwd behaves like a video recommendation… Read More