• Video: German Fembot AILA

    When we showed you AILA [GER] for the first time back in April, the only video material available of the robotic female from Germany wasn’t exactly of great quality. But now her maker, the Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz (DFKI/German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence), has shot and uploaded a new, better, and slightly longer (2.42 min.) video. To… Read More

  • Video: Meet LOLA, Germany's newest (and very tall) fembot

    Remember AILA, the “female” humanoid we’ve blogged about two weeks ago? It turns out that wasn’t the only fembot that has been in development in Germany in the last few years, as LOLA [GER], a humanoid presented by the Technical University of Munich and the Institute of Technology Autonomous Systems in Munich, shows. Read More

  • Creepy Japanese fembot promotes suntan lotion on TV

    This week, Osaka-based healthcare company Kincho released [JP] a new commercial for their “Preshower” sunscreen, which currently airs on Japanese TV. I have no idea why but the ad stars Actroid DER-2, a humanoid robot made by Kokoro-Dreams [JP]. Tagline: “Also recommended by androids – Preshower is good for your skin!”. The picture above shows the fembot… Read More