• FatSecret Looks To Become A Central Hub For Nutrition Data With New API

    FatSecret, a social network focused on nutrition and weight loss that we covered back in 2007, is launching a new API tonight that allows third party sites and services to tap into its database of nutritional data, excercise information, and other health stats. You can access the new FatSecret Platform here. CEO Rodney Moses says that FatSecret is allowing developers to access the API for… Read More

  • Christmas Recovery Web 2.0 Style

    Christmas is often a time of gluttony for many. From a traditional roast through to too much alcohol, many will be suffering long Christmas hangovers, particularly those not fortunate enough to live in a country with a gazetted post Christmas recovery public holiday (Boxing Day on Wikipedia here). Even if you do have December 26 off, with January 1 around the corner it’s time for… Read More

  • Fatsecret: For Fat People Who Want To Be Less So

    There’s a new Australia-based social network called FatSecret – it’s designed to help overweight people leverage a network of friends and online resources to lose weight. Like Traineo, which we wrote about last year, Fatsecret focuses on building a support network around you to monitor your progress. Users first state their current and goal weights, and are urged to report… Read More