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Fan fiction writers rally fandoms against KOSA, the bill purporting to protect kids online

Fan fiction writers aren’t just penning alternate universe reimaginings of the Barbie movie, or steamy scenes featuring Marvel superheroes. This week, they’re writing letters to their senators, ex

AO3 was offline a week ago, but there’s still a fandom brewing in the Downdetector comments

It was an internet nerd’s worst nightmare. On July 10, Archive of Our Own (AO3), a beloved, nonprofit fan-fiction platform, was plagued by DDoS attacks, rendering it inaccessible for over a day.

Fan fiction writers are trolling AIs with Omegaverse stories

Fan fiction writers know that their work is being used to train generative AIs, and they’re not happy about it. Now, “Omegaverse” writers are participating in a week-long writing mar

Netflix’s lawsuit against the ‘Bridgerton Musical’ could change online fandom

Netflix filed a lawsuit this weekend against two TikTok stars in their early twenties, Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear, alleging that their Grammy-winning “Unofficial Bridgerton Musical” pro

Amazon Debuts ‘Kindle Worlds,’ Where Your Gossip Girl Fan Fiction Can Earn You Cash

Sometimes a writer creates a universe so compelling that others feel the need to join and help flesh out that world with their own tribute fiction. And sometimes you make something crappy like Gossip