CEO Stringer trying to trim Sony's "fat"

<img src=""> Sony brought in Sir Howard Stringer, a peer of the realm, a few years ago to help turn Sony around. The results, as you

Windows Live down?

We’re getting messages from users of Windows Live that the service has been down for about 11 hours — an eternity in Internet time. It appears that Windows Live is down. Been unable to log

Xbox 360's Get Extended Warranty For Failures

Earlier today we mentioned something about Xbox 360’s seemingly having a higher failure rate than all the other consoles out there. Lo and behold, Microsoft Corp. answered back by expanding the

Console Failure Rates: Sony And Nintendo For The Win

Based on the word of some folks at EB Games and Best Buy, about one out of every three Xbox 360’s is returned due to hardware failure or about 33%. Whereas the Wii and PS3 have had little to no

TurboTax Fails on Tax Day: Bloops!

The TurboTax forums lit up yesterday as hundreds of frustrated filers tried to press submit but only got server capacity issues. Hrmmm… the IRS only allows e-filing through CPAs or certain web s