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Fail Week: Max Levchin’s ‘Doomed’ College Startup That Maxed Out His Credit Cards (And Got Him Dumped)

The road to big shiny success is often paved with quite a few failures. But for whatever reason, we in the tech press concentrate much more on stories about the big wins in the industry, and we tend t

Fail Week: When Mark Suster Believed His Own Startup’s Hype, And Everything Came Crashing Down

To very <a target="_blank" href="">loosely paraphrase Tolstoy</a>, all successes are alike, but each epic failure fails in its own unique way. But

Fail Week: When Mariam Naficy’s Startup Launch Was So Bad She Almost Gave The Investor Money Back

Contrary to popular opinion, failure is not just for losers. Even the people known for being "winners" go through some epic missteps along the way. It's just that people don't often talk about it -- e

Fail Week: When Kevin Ryan Held 7 Ugly Layoff Rounds — And Lost ‘Total Credibility’ As CEO

As the Discovery Channel's <em><a target="_blank" href="">Shark Week</a></em> celebrates the ferocious creatures that inhabit the ocean, TechCrunch TV is holding

Fail Week: When The U.S. Government Knocked On Tim Draper’s Door About That $6 Million

It's said that history is written by the victors -- or at least, by those who <a target="_blank" href="