Facebook hardware

Facebook is building an operating system so it can ditch Android

Facebook doesn’t want its hardware like Oculus or its augmented reality glasses to be at the mercy of Google because they rely on its Android operating system. That’s why Facebook has task

Facebook launches Portal TV, a $149 video chat set-top box

Facebook wants to take over your television with a clip-on camera for video calling, AR gaming and content co-watching. If you can get past the creepiness, the new Portal TV lets you hang out with fri

Facebook’s secretive hardware team signs rapid collaboration deal with 17 universities

Facebook’s shadowy Building 8 research team needs help from academia to invent futuristic hardware. But today’s pace of innovation doesn’t allow for the standard 9-12 month turnaroun

40 photos from Facebook’s “Area 404” mad science laboratory

Take a tour of Facebook’s new 22,000 square foot hardware lab where it’s building drones, satellites, lasers, VR headsets, and the machines that store the world’s biggest collection

Inside Facebook’s new “Area 404” hardware lab

This is where Facebook will prototype its solar drones, Internet-beaming lasers, VR headsets, and next-gen servers. The problem with moving faster than most companies is that Facebook was plagued by d