• Turn Your Expensive DLSR Into A Cheap Pinhole Camera

    Feeling a little jealous of all the “hipstamatic” shots out there? Want to take your modern camera down a few years? It’s easy! Just spend $50 on Photojojo’s pinhole body cap. Read More

  • The Road Train: taking drafting to a whole new level

    So we all know that drafting increases fuel efficiency. Heck, I even saw an episode of MythBusters where they proved that following a semi suicidally close will increase your mileage dramatically. Of course, drafting is dangerous, stupid, and the risk vs. reward just isn’t there. Well, what if it was? Scientists in Europe are working on a system that would make drafting safe. Get ready… Read More

  • Vibrating hearing aid being developed

    A new product being developed in London will help the deaf to hear, using vibrations which can be felt through the skin. While the technology is still rudimentary, it has exciting potential for people who are completely deaf or deaf and blind. Read More

  • IBM's fancy new STT-MRAM prototype that holds 4Kb of data

    Three cheers for new, strange technologies that won’t see the light of day for many, many years! Specifically, IBM’s example of spin-torque-transfer magnetoresistive random access memory (STT-MRAM) has wowed the MRAM press with its latest prototype. The device can store a whopping 4Kb of data for around 10 years without any electricity flowing through its veins. The main idea… Read More