If the earliest investors keep going earlier, what will happen?

There’s a clash happening in the early-stage market. In one world, late-stage investors are reacting to tech stonk corrections by clamoring toward the early-stage investment world, forcing seed inve

How to talk about cryptocurrency at the holiday dinner table

You’re sitting down to a nice meal and your aunt, always one step ahead, mentions she wants to start investing in Bitcoin. You freeze, a drip of gravy plopping off the ladle. It’s your time to shi

Why nature is our best guide for understanding artificial intelligence

In living organisms, evolution is a multi-generational process where mutations in genes are dropped and added. Well-adapted organisms survive and those less fortunate go extinct. This is Natural Selec

Digital Telepathy Is The Future Of The Human Species

The story of life on Earth thus far has had an unmistakable direction, and it has moved towards greater complexity. Sure, evolution has seen lots of fits and starts and collapses and mass extincti

Anti-Spore Web site calls the game an attack on Christianity for teaching evolution

I’m starting to think this anti-Spore site is merely a prank. It’s worded too perfectly to be On The Real™. Right, so even though Spore has been favorably reviewed (despite the DRM upro

New site contains complete works of Charles Darwin

Cambridge University Library has just set up a web site containing something like 20,000 notes and 90,000 images from Charles Darwin’s research. Darwin, as you may recall, is most famous for his