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Questions you need to ask your VC

Most entrepreneurs focus on the hard economics of the deal when they negotiate with investors: percentage ownership, valuation, preferences and other terms. Those things are all important -- but so is

Tips for mitigating the risks of rookie founders from Spark Capital’s Bijan Sabet

Ultimately, the checklist for first time founders going out to raise money never ends. However, the common thread throughout is the importance of being strategic.

Entrepreneurs must learn to negotiate, or they can lose everything

Successfully taking an idea to market involves many more negotiations than most entrepreneurs realize. First, they must figure out whether to share credit with any partners or advisors who helped them

Lessons Learned From My First Startups

I was born an engineer and an introvert. The rest is pretty predictable. When I was three I obsessed over jigsaw puzzles. At five, LEGO. I showed whatever I built to my mom, and she gave me a stream o