• SlideRocket Presentation Web App Enters Private Beta; Get Your Invite Here

    SlideRocket is another Flash-based presentation app that wants to recreate PowerPoint in the browser and take advantage of the web’s sharing and mashup capabilities. There are a handful of companies striving to be the presentation tool for the cloud era, including Google, Zoho, Empressr and a Y Combinator startup called 280 North that we covered last week. Ask the guys behind… Read More

  • Empressr Rebuilds Presentation Tool in Flex

    It’s been over a year since we last covered online presentation tool Empressr. Tonight the company releases version 3 of its product, which has been rebuilt completely in Flex. Much of the improvements in this third version are structural, so you might not see much on the surface. Among the noticeable improvements is a new film strip for viewing the slides in a presentation. Click on… Read More

  • Empressr, A Flash PowerPoint Competitor

    A number of Ajax based powerpoint applications have launched in the past few month – notably Zoho Show and Thumbstacks (Thumbstacks also has a Flash option). Empressr, headquartered in New York, is the newest entrant into this space. It’s a flash-based application with rudimentary features. Online office applications are serious business with real acquisition possibilities. Writely… Read More