• Video gallery: Hitachi's humanoid robot EMIEW2 in action

    Hitachi has recently shown a new version of its humanoid robot EMIEW2 (Excellent Mobility and Interactive Existence as Workmate2), which can scoot around on broken ground (the robot handles bumps that are up to 1.5cm high), recognize and distinguish between different human voices and converse with people. Read More

  • EMIEW2: Hitachi updates its cute humanoid robot

    We last blogged about EMIEW2, a two-legged robot made by Hitachi, in July 2008. The main selling point was (and still is) an array of 14 microphones integrated into his head, enabling him to identify three different human voices simultaneously. But up until now, EMIEW2 tended to easily fall over on bumpy surfaces, which isn’t really ideal for a humanoid that’s supposed to one day… Read More

  • Hitachi's new humanoid robot distinguishes voices

    Hitachi showcased the latest version of EMIEW2, their two-wheeled robot, at the Hitachi uValue Convention 2008 [JP], the company’s annual private exhibition. EMIEW2’s biggest selling point is an array of 14 microphones integrated into its head. The robot is able to tell the difference between three human voices simultaneously. Hitachi developed a voice recognition technology that… Read More