• E L I Z A

    The Eliza app makes mental health tracking as easy as talking to yourself

    Makers of an app called Eliza want to make it as easy for people to track their psychological well-being as it is to track their physical fitness. The Eliza app asks users to record a voice memo, say, venting about an issue they’re dealing with at work or simply reflecting on their day. The app turns the user’s speech into text that’s ready for sentiment analysis. Read More

  • Joseph Weizenbaum, creator of Eliza, dead

    Joseph Weizenbaum, creator of the Rogerian psychoanalysis simulator Eliza, is dead at 85. His work in AI and simulations cannot be underestimated and you and I owe him a debt of gratitude for every time we feel as if we’re “talking” to our computers. He didn’t find the ghost in the machine, but he discovered our ability, for better or worse, to project our souls into… Read More