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    TC Makers: Engineering The Perfect iPhone Cover At Element Case

    A buddy of mine who lives in Shenzhen said that the best tech business to be in – the one that offers the most profit for the least amount of work – is soft goods, meaning cases, bags, and other paraphernalia. Don’t tell that to the guys at Element Case. Their amazing metal and wood iPhone cases take hours to build, months to design, and they look simply amazing. Read More

  • Contest: Win One Of Two New Element iPhone 4 Cases

    Element Case just came out with two iPhone 4 cases, the Forumla 4 (above) and the Ion 4 (below). The Formula 4 is a full-body case while the Ion 4 is more of a bumper. Rather than sell their cases and make any money, they’d like to give them to you. It’s a new freemium business model they’re trying out. Here’s how to win… Read More

  • Giveaway: Element Case Joule Chroma iPad 2 Stand

    We’ve always been impressed with Element Case; the build quality on their products is always outstanding. Sure, they’re expensive, but you’ve heard the phrase, “You get what you pay for.” Element Case hasn’t abandoned this notion, even for their new $150 iPad stand. Which we are giving away. Details after the break. Read More

  • Element iPhone case now in pink for that special lady

    Hey, Fellas! Need a special case for a special lady? Buy your Sheila a special pink iPhone case from Element Cases for a mere $119. As I said before, this case isn’t for everyone but if she tends to lose or break her gadgets it’s probably the best investment you can make. Read More