• Egyptian technology startups stand on the shoulders of giants Crunch Network

    Egyptian technology startups stand on the shoulders of giants

    With technology and curious minds, several founders not only built great products and companies, they created the foundation for a strong and resilient technology sector that has been an economic driver and job creator in a country looking for stable footing. Read More

  • KarmSolar introduces solar energy to sunny old Egypt Crunch Network

    KarmSolar introduces solar energy to sunny old Egypt

    With over a population over 90 million strong, a prime location, topography and climate, one would assume a country like Egypt would be perfect for solar energy. The nation’s average level of solar radiation is between 2,000 to 3,200kWh per square meter a year, but this country on the verge of the African Sahara still imports enough gas to operate electricity generating plants all over… Read More

  • Crunch Report | Apple’s New Video Editing App

    Apple creates a new video editing app called Clips, large electronics are now banned from flights to the U.S. coming from 13 countries and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies starts building full-size passenger pods. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

  • No Signal: Egypt blocks the encrypted messaging app as it continues its cyber crackdown Crunch Network

    No Signal: Egypt blocks the encrypted messaging app as it continues its cyber crackdown

    Egypt has intensified its cyber crackdown under president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. In recent years authorities have blocked Facebook’s controversial Free Basics program for not allowing it to spy on users, imprisoned citizens for satirical Facebook posts and reportedly used Deep Packet Inspection technology allowing for extensive surveillance of Egyptians’ online activities. Read More

  • Signal for Android update ducks censorship, adds stickers and doodles

    Signal for Android update ducks censorship, adds stickers and doodles

    As mainstream interest in online privacy expands, Signal wants to grow along with it. This week, the app added two features, one a serious response to international censorship and the other a light, fluffy feature set meant to make the app even more user friendly for those who might be new to this whole encryption thing. As detailed in a post on the Open Whisper Systems blog, the latest… Read More

  • Ousta, Egypt’s ride hailing app, lands a $1.25 million investment Crunch Network

    Ousta, Egypt’s ride hailing app, lands a $1.25 million investment

    Five months after its March 2016 launch, Ousta, Egypt’s first local ride sharing app, has received a bridge investment of $1.25 million as it looks to challenge established industry stalwarts, Uber and Careem. Although the financing is a pittance compared to the combined might of Uber and Careem, who are both incredibly active in the Egyptian ride-sharing market, the company says it… Read More

  • Ousta is driving ride-hailing expansion in Egypt Crunch Network

    Ousta is driving ride-hailing expansion in Egypt

    With its major cities congested with traffic — taxi cabs, public transports and, lately, ride-hailing and ride-sharing apps — Egypt apparently still needs more when it comes to transportation. Catering to a population exceeding 90 million, international market players Uber and Careem launched in Egypt in 2014; a third player soon followed — a local ridehailing app called Ousta. Read More

  • Facebook’s Controversial Free Basics Program Shuts Down In Egypt

    Facebook’s Controversial Free Basics Program Shuts Down In Egypt

    Free Basics, a Facebook program that gives free access to certain Internet services, has been shut down in Egypt. The news comes the week after India’s telecom regulator ordered the suspension of Free Basics as it prepares to hold public hearings on net neutrality. Read More

  • A Conversation With DemocracyOS, The YC Non-Profit That Built A Latin American Political Party

    A Conversation With DemocracyOS, The YC Non-Profit That Built A Latin American Political Party

    One of the stranger things that Y Combinator has supported — among the many more interesting things they’ve started to back like prosthetic legs, macrobiotic research and Uber-for-marijuana startups — is a non-profit that built an entire political party in Buenos Aires, Argentina. DemocracyOS is a software platform that allows regular voters to debate and forward policy ideas. Read More

  • To Celebrate The #Jan25 Revolution, Egyptian Names His Firstborn "Facebook"

    To Celebrate The #Jan25 Revolution, Egyptian Names His Firstborn "Facebook"

    Cultural relativity is an amazing thing. While American parents worry about their kids being on Facebook, Egyptian parents are naming their kids “Facebook” to commemorate the events surrounding the #Jan25 revolution. According to Al-Ahram (one of the most popular newspapers in Egypt) a twenty-something Egyptian man has named his first born daughter “Facebook” in tribute… Read More

  • After Tahrir: Egypt 2.0

    We were in Cairo the week before Tunisia fell, meeting with dozens of Egyptian technology start-ups on behalf of the US State Dept’s Global Entrepreneurship Program. The quality of their ideas thrilled us, as did their skill sets, vision and quiet resolve.  It did not surprise us to hear that many of those we met shut their laptops in recent weeks to march through the streets… Read More

  • The Egyptian Behind #Jan25: "Twitter Is A Very Important Tool For Protesters"

    Social media’s role in the Egyptian revolution has been picked apart, but what do people in Egypt think about it? Meet Alyouka, the 21-year-old Egyptian who was the first person to Tweet out the #Jan25 hashtag which, along with #Egypt, became a rallying cry and loose way to organize communications around and about the protests. Twitter found Alyouka (no last name given) and asked her… Read More

  • The End Of History, Part II

    The world is quaking. Egypt and Tunisia are overthrown; Gabon, Jordan, Sudan, Syria and Yemen are rocking. Some say this is thanks to Twitter and Facebook. Others, notably Malcolm Gladwell and Evgeny Morozov, say that social media are politically irrelevant and/or dangerous. China has censored “Egypt”, Syria has legalized Facebook, and the president of Sudan has declared he will… Read More

  • Al Jazeera's Social Revolution (In Realtime)

    Al Jazeera's Social Revolution (In Realtime)

    While you can debate about the exact role of social media, specifically Twitter and Facebook, in Egypt’s revolution, there is no question about its role as a new global media channel. Where once people tuned into CNN to watch governments collapse, this time around they tuned into Al Jazeera on the Web (at least in English speaking countries lie the U.S. where Al Jazeera English is… Read More

  • Mubarak Shut Down The Internet, And The Internet Paid Him In Kind

    Yesterday, after 17 days of protests, former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak gave a speech to the Egyptian government that made it seem like he would not be stepping down. This led to many people on the ground in Egypt and elsewhere feeling depressed, a series of humorous jokes being bandied back and forth on Facebook and Twitter and one Twitter employee commenting to me,“Well, we can… Read More

  • Internet: 13,483,282 Newspaper: 0

    A lot of people like to bitch and moan about how in the age of realtime information, the stream moves too quickly and as a result, there’s a decent chance of inaccurate news being spread. There’s no question it’s an issue, but with the situation in Egypt, we’re once again seeing the overwhelming upside of this realtime data spread that makes services like Twitter so… Read More

  • Inspired By #Egypt, GroupFlier Launches Curated Texting Groups

    Much like 1000Memories with its online memorial to Egyptian protesters, group-texting app GroupFlier realized that its users were clamoring for an #Egypt-related feature, specifically one that provided curated Twitter and other content relating to the anti-Mubarak protests. GroupFlier founder and Harvard Cyber-security expert Morris Penner thought this was a good idea. Following tweets about… Read More

  • Egyptian Protester Memorial Goes Viral On 1000Memories

    Toronto entrepreneur Mahmoud Hashim had seen 1000Memories, a free service that builds profile pages for people who have passed away, on YCombinator’s Hacker News and thought that the product could be utilized to build a group memorial for those killed in Egypt’s #Jan25 protests. He offered to build the memorial himself. Moved by the Mahmoud Hashim’s plea, the 1000Memories… Read More

  • Egyptian PM Says Missing Google Marketing Executive Wael Ghonim To Be Released Tomorrow

    CNN’s Hala Gorani is reporting that Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq has announced that Google Middle East Marketing director Wael Ghonim will be released tomorrow Monday at 4pm. This is in line with Egyptian telcom mogul Naguib Sawiris’ O TV statement that he would be freed on Monday as well. Missing since Thursday the 27th, Wael is thought to have hosted the first Facebook… Read More