EarthLink Buys Telecom Services Company One Communications For $370 Million

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Time Warner Ready To Unload AOL In Pieces. But At What Price?

Time Warner is moving forward with its plans to sell off AOL in pieces, and is finally ready to formally separate the AOL portal and advertising business from its legacy dial-up access business. But h

Philly's Wi-Fi is back on track

A Wi-Fi signal broadcasts in Philadelphia. Let’s all celebrate! Right. The municipal Wi-Fi system in Philadelphia that was abandoned a few months ago is now back, thanks to a local gaggle of inv

Meraki Networks Raises $20 Million, Expands Free WiFi in San Francisco, Where Google Failed

The dream of free municipal WiFi refuses to die. Meraki Networks is picking up the ball that Google and Earthlink dropped, expanding its free WiFi network to cover all of San Francisco. The service wi

EarthLink To Unveil WiFi Phone Beta

EarthLink is expected to announce a beta test for Accton Technology Corp’s WiFi phone as early as tomorrow. Beta testing on the phone has been in the works on EarthLink‚Äôs municipal wireless ne

New Orleans Municipal WiFi Going Dark

What bullshit! Not surprising, but ridiculous nonetheless. Ars Technica just reported that the city-wide New Orleans Municipal WiFi will soon be shutdown in favor of a pay service from Earthlink . App

Earthlink Rolls out New Photo and Storage Service

Last week Earthlink released a free online RSS reader, and a social bookmarking site. Recently, word has leaked (Earthlink actually quietly announced this on their blog in June) that a much more ambit

When Did Earthlink Get So Cool?

Earthlink doesn’t conjure up images of cutting edge new web apps. In fact, the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Earthlink is my old dial-up ISP account that took me forever to canc