• Earbits Brings Its Indie Music Discovery Service To Android

    Earbits Brings Its Indie Music Discovery Service To Android

    Earbits, a free music service where independent musicians and labels can pay to promote their work to fans, is launching its first mobile product today — an Android app. It’s been more than two years since the Y Combinator-backed startup first launched. That seems like a long time for a music service to go without a mobile app. Read More

  • Panels Are A Waste Of Time, But They Don’t Have To Be

    Panels Are A Waste Of Time, But They Don’t Have To Be

    Two years ago, when I first co-founded Earbits, I started frequenting various startup events like so many other first-time founders. Some of them were mixers, others were pitch competitions, and many were topic-focused panels and discussions meant to provide sage advice to budding entrepreneurs. I had reasonable experience on the ground floor of various startups but raising capital was a… Read More

  • Earbits Snags $605K From Y Combinator, Charles River Ventures And Others

    Online radio startup Earbits (YC Winter 2011) is announcing a seed round of funding today, having snatched up $605K from Y Combinator, Charles River Ventures, Start Fund and former Lala CEO Geoff Ralston. Earbits is unique in that its closest competitor is Pandora from the listener’s side but from the musician’s side the model is completely different. Founder Joey Flores likens… Read More

  • YC-Funded Earbits Brings A Twist To Music Startups: Online Radio That Lets Bands Pay For Playtime

    It’s no secret that online music startups are incredibly challenging. It’s tough to build an audience, and even when you do, the licensing fees associated with streaming premium content are often deadly. It’s so difficult that Y Combinator founder Paul Graham asked imeem (and picplz) founder Dalton Caldwell to give a talk on the subject at last year’s Startup School. Read More