Alcatel E66 Man-Handled By Charming Greek Lady

A Greek website, DigitalLife, has posted a long hands-on with the Alcatel E66, an Android tablet running at 800×460 resolution with a seven-inch screen. Nothing absolutely amazing, but I do love

Fring adds Nokia E66 support

Fring has a thing for Nokia as of late, it seems. It wasn’t too long ago that they added N810 support; then two days ago, they added support for the Nokia E71. Now they’ve gone and added t

Review: Nokia E66

The Nokia E66 will be hitting the U.S. in the third quarter with an unsubsidized price of $500. While that price may sound like it’s a bit (or a lot) on the high side, the phone actually has a fair

Nokia E71, E66 on the real: Exchange, Gmail support and front-facing camera

One week after “some other phone” was finally revealed, Nokia today took the wraps off two phones that had been clogging the rumor mill for quite some time. Yes, the S60-based E71 and E66