• If Twitter Gets Into The Video-Hosting Game, It Could Be A Wonderful, And Horrible, Thing

    If Twitter Gets Into The Video-Hosting Game, It Could Be A Wonderful, And Horrible, Thing

    According to AllThingsD, Twitter has decided to get into the business of hosting video by acquiring NYC startup Vine. We’ve reached out to Twitter but haven’t been able to confirm this as of yet. If true, this marks an important milestone for Twitter, which is in complete attack mode when it comes to turning into a media powerhouse. As it stands now, you can upload photos to attach… Read More

  • Miller Lite Subwoofer brings beer to the ear

    When money gets tough and you want to add a sub-woofer to your 1998 Hyundai Tiburon with the rims you got from that dude off Craigslist, you’ll need something on the cheap. After all, those “professional” boxes made from things like wood and plastic cost way too much for any college student. So it makes sense that some dude instead opted to pound Miller Lite all night and throw… Read More

  • America Rules: 535-foot Slip n Slide Built

    So here’s the story: Guy and his father get drunk Guy and his father decide to build Slip n Slide for party Guy and his father use bulldozer to clear 535-foot pack Slide goes through woods and ends at retention pool Party enjoys slide while drunk Hit the link to see the gallery of the whole thing being constructed. I built a 535 ft. Slip ‘n Slide [Something Awful] Read More

  • Beerbot: It Totally Does What You Want Done Most

    Beer rules. You drink it and chicks become hotter, your wallet empties, and everyone has a good time. But when you add a robot into the mix, you know every party featuring this robot will be a good one. Hence why Beerbot is totally worth the $799 it costs. Made in Japan, this little guy keeps a few cold ones inside his tummy. When you get thirsty, he’ll grab one and will open it for… Read More