drum machine

  • Wearing your beats on your wrist drum machine

    I suspect this would have been the watch that Herbie Hancock wore when he made his famous “Rockit” video. Back in the early 1980’s, Seiko was trying to put everything from TV’s to radio’s into watches, and along with those ill advised choices, they also made the drum machine watch. Ugly and over priced, the watch never caught on with the public. Read More

  • Numark announces NSFX for NS7 to use with ITCH by DJs. They also run out of capital letters.

    DJs have been using double turntable setups ever since 1947 with Sir Jimmy Savile. Modern setups, however, forgo the vinyl and even CDs. One such computer-performance system is the Numark NS7 Controller for Serato’s ITCH software.
    The NS7 gives DJs the feel of a traditional turntable rig, while functioning as a controller for ITCH. A single USB interface with a computer keeps the rig… Read More

  • Review: The Elektron Machinedrum

    The Machinedrum is not something you can easily acquire. It’s hard to find Elektron in your local drum machine shop – not that there are many drum machine shops out there but fortunately all their products can be ordered online – if the price isn’t too steep for you. Anyway, I was eager to try this little beast out so let’s see what it can do. The Machinedrum is… Read More

  • Alesis Performance Pad builds upon SR-16 drum machine

    Expanding on the popular SR-16 drum machine, Alesis has incorporated eight velocity sensitive pads and released the Performance Pad. The kit-mountable Performance Pad comes with 2 inputs for external kick and hi-hat pedals along with a line-level input for attaching your iPod of CD player. A MIDI output (but not input?) is also incorporated. The 233 included sounds are mappable to any pad. Read More