• Google Steps Where Many Have Stumbled: Sidewiki

    By 2001 web startup Third Voice, which let people annotate websites via a browser plugin, was done. Website owners just didn’t like the idea of people “defacing” their websites with comments they couldn’t control. But the idea has lingered (really), and now Google is taking a shot at their own version of the service. It’s called Sidewiki, and it just… Read More

  • DotSpots Launches Collaborative Annotation Platform To The Public

    DotSpots, a TechCrunch50 startup that demo’d its product last year, received a good amount of buzz and even a compliment from judge Marissa Mayer. Today, the startup is launching its annotation platform to the public, after thousands of people signed up to use the service over the past year. DotSpots’ service is simple—it lets users annotate any part of a web page, from a… Read More

  • Been Waiting For DotSpots? Come And Get It.

    When DotSpots first demo’d live on stage at TechCrunch50 last year (see their presentation here), Google VP Marissa Mayer said of the product: “It’s a really beautiful idea and I really like anything that pushes the Web forward in that way.” The service lets users annotate any part of a web page, from a single quote to the entire page, leave a comment and socialize it… Read More

  • Y Combinator's SocialBrowse Launches To The Public

    SocialBrowse, the link-sharing service that includes elements of web annotation, has launched its service to the public. When I first wrote about SocialBrowse as it entered private beta last June, I described it as a “Twitter for links”, but since then it has grown to become much more sophisticated, allowing users to leave in-line comments on articles across the web. The service… Read More

  • TechCrunch50 Session 2: Memes & News

    TechCrunch50’s second session introduced four companies related to breaking news and online trends. The judges for this panel were: Chad Hurley, co-founder of YouTube; Marrissa Mayer, VP product and search; Google; Ron Conway, prolific Angel investor; Dan Farber, Cnet, Editor in chief. You can see our coverage of the first panel here. Read More

  • Shopzilla Founder Farhad Mohit Behind Stealth Startup DotSpots

    Serial entrepreneur Farhad Mohit is at it again. Back in 1996, Mohit founded BizRate, one of the first consumer review sites, and then shopping search engine Shopzilla. He sold both to E.W. Scripps for $570 million in June 2005. Now he has a new super stealthy startup called DotSpots. The startup raised a seed round of $300,000 last September from Mohit and HitForge, the angel fund run… Read More